Buildmate is the world’s leading manufacturer of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) and we transform the building industry with Buildmate AAC Block plants. We are committed to provide the Greece with environmentally responsible building products that conserve material and energy usage. Our plants benefits include high thermal insulation, resulting in temperature swing reduction, and offers continuous fundamental savings across the building’s life span, noise minimization and more.

Additionally, Buildmate AAC block plants include low energy consumption throughout the manufacturing process and little material waste ensures that the block plants have little environmental impact.

Our team has dedicated professionals throughout 30 countries worldwide, including Europe, India etc. Our company mainly focuses manufacturers on Precast Concrete panel plants, sand lime brick plants, dry ready mix production lines, lime processing plants, batching plants, tower cranes, sand Impactor, jaw crushers, cone crushers, Gas concrete plants and pre engineering buildings.

Buildmate Aerated Concrete Blocks have been used in thousands of building projects across the world. Our products are easy to install and fire resistant and long lasting, which, over time, will reduce energy, insurance and maintenance costs to building owners. A wide range of industries can benefit from Build mate’s AAC block plants including those in the commercial, educational, hospitality, industrial, institutional, governmental and residential markets.

Features of Buildmate AAC block plants include:
 Fire Resistant
 Thermal insulation
 Faster Construction
 Structural performance

During the manufacturing process, every product is stamped and tagged with a unique number that matches project specifications. We follow increased installation efficiency with a faster construction timeline and smaller crew than typical building systems. The unique closed structure and the thermal mass contribute to a higher R-value and air tightness with reduce heating and cooling costs.

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Bauma Munich 2016
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Our management team consists of young, yet seasoned professionals with vast experience, a passion to succeed and a strong vision for the company.

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Can we use AAC Blocks for load bearing structures?

You can use AAC Blocks for load bearing structures upto 3 storeys.

What are the ingredients?

Cement, Gypsum, Lime, Silica Sand, Aluminum Powder and Water.

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