Building roads, huge constructions and making India progress to the unthinkable heights is Buildmate primary goal. We are one of the leading and most prominent manufacturers of AAC Blocks, and we have revolutionized the construction industry with our innovative technology creating waved in the construction arena.

When our competitors are following the usual methods for building, Buildmate was way ahead of the bringing new methods like prefabricated construction technologies to the construction industry in Hungary. Our company’s only vision is to make India bigger in the construction field.

In 1991, Buildmate was established with the vision of providing supreme quality AAC block plants emphasizing on delivering eco friendly building materials and promoting the same for a healthy environment along with a success production.

Buildmate has emerged as one of the prominent business and we make our presence felt worldwide in the world of AAC blocks market. Our company stands out among the competitors as it is only vision to manufacture and market products to supplement its utilization for quick lying of AAC Blocks. Our team of exceptional and experience professionals guide our customer on how to use our products.

Our company’s AAC block plants are extremely sophisticated, employing our own streamlined design and processes to minimize waste and maximize efficiencies. Our proprietary processes are highly defined, each geared to maximize quality, reduce man-hours and increase deliverability.

Our company mainly focuses manufacturers on Precast Concrete panel plants, sand lime brick plants, dry ready mix production lines, lime processing plants, batching plants, tower cranes, sand Impactor, jaw crushers, cone crushers, Gas concrete plants and pre Engineering buildings.

Most importantly, our team strives to give that one extra push to our customers. We offer that one extra degree of effort that elevates the adequate to the extraordinary.


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Bauma Munich 2016
Munich, Germany.

Our management team consists of young, yet seasoned professionals with vast experience, a passion to succeed and a strong vision for the company.

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Can we use AAC Blocks for load bearing structures?

You can use AAC Blocks for load bearing structures upto 3 storeys.

What are the ingredients?

Cement, Gypsum, Lime, Silica Sand, Aluminum Powder and Water.

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