Buildmate is an extremely fast growing AAC manufacturing plant in Portugal. We cater the needs of clients that need AAC block plants and also Precast Concrete panel plants, sand lime brick plants, dry ready mix production lines, lime processing plants, batching plants, tower cranes, sand Impactor, jaw crushers, cone crushers, Gas concrete plants and pre engineering buildings.

At Buildmate, buyers can choose the products from a huge inventory, grab the smartly packed offers. We are a leading AAC block manufacturers in Portugal and we have branches across the globe. Our major goal is to make our company standard in the construction field. Buildmate strives to speed up the process in which companies find potential business partners while preventing them from incurring additional marketing costs.

Our clients can benefit by purchasing our products and moreover, we offer training guide to our customers. Buildmate as a brand symbolizes strength, innovation and reliability. We inspire to stretch the limits of our client’s imagination to create homes, sculptures and building that define the new era. We are known for producing R & D expertise products and we fellow processes that continually redefine industry standards, leading to solutions that are cost effective and environmentally.

Buildmate is one of the established market leaders in providing AAC block plants across the globe. Our equipments find a range of applications in manufacturing industries. Alongside our products, we have a skilled technical support team that helps our customers benefit from solutions that use these products for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

We ensure that our products and processes are environmentally friendly from end to end. Our equipments are made without disturbing environment and they can be reused and recycled for minimal environmental impact. Buildmate major vision is to sustain our international market leadership and become a number global provider of building products and solutions with a commitment to product quality equipments.


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Bauma Munich 2016
Munich, Germany.

Our management team consists of young, yet seasoned professionals with vast experience, a passion to succeed and a strong vision for the company.

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Can we use AAC Blocks for load bearing structures?

You can use AAC Blocks for load bearing structures upto 3 storeys.

What are the ingredients?

Cement, Gypsum, Lime, Silica Sand, Aluminum Powder and Water.

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