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AAC Plant Manufacturers is the prominent manufacturer of Large Scale plants for AAC (autoclave aerated concrete block plant). We convert a CLC to AAC block with minimum investment. In our design, no need a big amount to set up a new AAC block plant compare with china and other country plant. We at Buildmate use a branded and standard item and all items are easy available world market.

We believes that there is huge potential for AAC Equipment. The daily increase in transport cost has led to lesser radius of distribution, making AAC plants more.

We can also supply you the system and steam accessories that will help you run the autoclaves. Buildmate have designed a system which helps you seamlessly operate the autoclaves with help of PLC and also generate reports as per batch requirements in your AAC Plant.

AAC Plant Manufacturers supplies premium machines with globally recognized branded parts. We advise our customers on their end products. We offer our customers a modular and expandable AAC plants. We also develop the most innovative and cost-effective AAC machinery in the AAC industry.

AAC Plant Manufacturers provides an excellent global after-sale service and build systems that are easy and intuitive to use.


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Bauma Munich 2016
Munich, Germany.

Our management team consists of young, yet seasoned professionals with vast experience, a passion to succeed and a strong vision for the company.

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Can we use AAC Blocks for load bearing structures?

You can use AAC Blocks for load bearing structures upto 3 storeys.

What are the ingredients?

Cement, Gypsum, Lime, Silica Sand, Aluminum Powder and Water.

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